Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mr. Moon the new book from Crown Books for Young Readers by Michael Paraskevas

My new book is coming out Fall of 2016 from Crown Books and it's called Mr. Moon. I painted this book using photoshop on a Cintiq Drawing Tablet. In all honesty it took about as long to paint the pictures this way had I done them on canvas as I did for the Taffy Saltwater book.

The link

Here is the new book, Mr. Moon:

Here is Taffy Saltwater:

So I'll have to leave it to others to decide which method is better. There was an infinite of tweeks I could roll through when working on the Mr. Moon book and the computer. On the other hand I don't have the actual paintings anymore, it's all on the computer.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Patchogue December 11, 2015

We got to see The Glenn Miller Orchestra this past Friday in a holiday show and we all had a blast. It's a great show recreating the best of Glenn Miller and everyone in the band was top notch as far as we were concerned.

HOWEVER, the best moment came right at the end when the band leader asked the audience if they should play one more number and the man behind us shouted out, "Play Bugle Call Rag!

The Band Leader looked surprised… smiled and said… Ok… and turned to the band and motioned for them to find the music. The guys shuffled lots of lead sheets and orchestrations and then….. they wowed everyone there with a rousing rendition of Bugle Call Rag. They nailed it and the audience cheered with delight.

Here is the video of the file.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lili and Derek: The comic strip.

You can read Lili and Derek every day over at and it looks like this. You can also order a book of the strips from us. Just email me for details. We'll even sign it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Life in Lamont, Strawberry Point, and Arlington, Iowa: Fall 2015

Life in Iowa is much different than life here in the Hamptons. Small towns fifty miles apart, miles and miles of corn and soy beans, open skies, and absolutely no traffic.
There is a drawing here of Rick from Down Home Country Cooking that served us breakfast everyday we were in Strawberry Point. Best Pie in town, too.
Go Hawkeyes! Next time we'll take in a football game.

The Lamont water tower.

Back Home Country Cooking breakfast.

Here's Rick.
Breakfast is ready!

We saw a few Carson posters. Everyone talked about Trump, but we didn't see posters.
Lamont Corn harvest 2015

Harvest Fall 2015

Old Barn on 30th Street, Lamont

Closed Gas Station Lamont.

Up along the Mississippi
Pie time.

We like cows.

It's flat.

We ate pork chops.

It rained one night… a big storm.

Along E street, Lamont Iowa.

The original family barn.
The ground after a harvest of soybeans.

Fun times at Breakfast in Strawberry Point.
Arlington, a very small town. I was surprised by the No Parking sign since there really wasn't anyone to park there anyway.

Waiting On Line in Disney World.

Here are a few pages from my recent trip to Disney World. And, yes, I did see all these people. If you've been there, you know you have too. Even Richard is in here from the Grand Floridian. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Lili and Derek Book

It's finally going to press. The first collection of Lili and Derek Comics that have been running daily since 2014. We've selected the best of them and had them published in this really cool super large edition and it's coming in August.

The really cheap low price is $20.00. Email me at for information. We'll be announcing book signings soon.