Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time for a revamped Monkeys Website

It's time for a revamped website for our comic... The Green Monkeys. Enjoy... more is coming... and check out our new book Taffy Saltwater.. it's a cool website... click on the map and have fun....

Friday, July 20, 2012

Batman Reveiw

I sat through the Batman Marathon last night and was amazed at how well all the movies hold up. However the weakest part of the trilogy is still that oddball fight scene when the Joker tries to blow up the ferry boats in Gotham Harbor. 

It's confusing to watch and I've seen it four times. 

The final film is like an Inception cast reunion. At one point I thought Batman was going to reach for his totem and give the top a whirl to see if he was really in the movie.

It's certainly not a fun romp. The final film is dark and doesn't have the theatrics of the Joker. In a small way... Catwoman is somewhat wasted... but Alfred... Michael Caine is wonderful and he should get an Academy nomination for this one. He is the soul of the Movie. Gary Oldman is a pleasure to watch in anything and more than makes up for the HORRIBLE Tinker Tailor.

I'm going to take a Bat-Nap.