Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Lili and Derek Book

It's finally going to press. The first collection of Lili and Derek Comics that have been running daily since 2014. We've selected the best of them and had them published in this really cool super large edition and it's coming in August.

The really cheap low price is $20.00. Email me at for information. We'll be announcing book signings soon.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Penn and Teller on Broadway, July 12th

Still fun after performing together for almost 40 years, Penn and Teller. They are my favorite act. Just go see them live if you get the chance. I was lucky enough to sit down front where I'm most comfortable. I'm a real seat snob.

They ended the act with the Fire Eating and not the usual bullet catching which for me was a big improvement although I talked endlessly about the bullet catching act to the group that was with me.... the lovely Maria looked at me and said.... where's the bullet catching? None the less... she was thrilled to be there as was her Mom and sister.

And yes, Penn and Teller actually pulled a real rabbit out of a hat.

Here is the colored sketchbook from July 12th show that Penn and Teller were kind enough to sign for me.

We might go back to see them again. It's cheaper than flying to Vegas.

OH, I have to add...if you haven't seen Tim's Vermeer you really should. It's on demand on most systems.

The signed sketch that I added the color to when I returned home last night.

The rabbit... note there were not three hats used I just drew it in the wrong order when I was sketching. The hat in Teller's hand is actually the hat that Penn is wearing.

Teller during the Metal Detector Bit.

Ball and String

Mike Jones plays piano before and during the show.

Penn plays bass as the audience files in.