Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Green Monkey .....

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

My few days in Vegas for the Licensing show.

This odd thing was walking around the floor of the show at the 2012 Licensing Show.

This is Adam my Licensing Wonder Boy.

For some reason I think this looks like my sister.

Part of our booth and the first launch of Taffy Saltwater our new book.

I think this guy let one.

Zoltar had no answers for me.

Here is where I stayed and lost some  money.

Here is that thing that must have eaten beans the night before.

Everyone loves the Penguins from Sea World.

The company that is handling me in licensing. 

The guy from Adventure time.

I only took this picture to show you the carpet. Looks like old pizza.

Even Darth Vadar was there.

Time for a Homer Donut.

All the animals were passing gas.

Don's great booth. We still love Felix.

Can't remember the name of this bird but it had some name with a spoon in it.

I hate this thing.

And this....

Worst property I EVER saw in all my years of going to this show. Once Upon a Zombie? Really... has everyone gone insane?

This Blue Meany was pointing at me... I ran away.

Talking Ben and Talking Tom waving to the crowd. I think they passed gas one too many times.
The show was great... can't wait to go back next year.