Monday, August 8, 2016

Coldplay SiriusXM concert Stephen Talkhouse August 7th, 2016

Here's the sketchbook from last nights private secret concert in Amagansett NY at the Stephen Talkhouse for what appeared to be about 200 people. Great show, very loud and the crowd was electric. A once in a lifetime event. The people from SiriusXM couldn't have been nicer and the crew at the Talkhouse was fabulous.

You can here the concert if you have Sirius radio. It was broadcast live.

I brought along my 84 year old mother-in-law. Patch wrote this story on it. She was thrilled to be there and had a great time. The crew even provided her with ear plugs and water. The press made a big deal about her being at the concert. She didn't like being called "Elderly"... she goes everywhere. She was even with us at the Billy Joel concert at the Garden. She get around.

She met Chris Martin with me at a book signing in East Hampton. It was Gwyneth's book and the proud father was attending to his kids. He stopped to talk to Priscilla and the discussed families and farming and her earrings. Chris talked to us for the duration of the event. He declined to talk to the press saying it was really his wife's event at Author's Night in East Hampton.

I showed him my sketchbook and drawings on my phone and he laughed that I actually had sat on the side of the stage during a Radiohead concert. I told him some day that I'd love to get to a Coldplay show. Well... here it is.

The next event? Authors' Night in East Hampton and then the Debate. Anyone got a ticket to the debate in September. Let me know.


The Talkhouse

Bouncers and crew before the show

SiriusXM winners waiting to get into the Talkhouse

Sold Out.

Before Coldplay takes the stage.

Chris Martin