Sunday, June 3, 2012

Radiohead, May 31, 2012

Standing off to the side of the stage I got to draw Radiohead when the rolled into Newark, NJ. The Show was great. Can't say that much for the crowd. I mean they seemed to like the show but I think they were a bit jaded. Either that or they were all on something to make them a little out of it. Come to think of it... I think that was it. The show was terrific.

My friend, Chris, who was with me, saw Radiohead 20 years ago when he was in England. He said they were terrible...but they sure have come a long way. He loved the show, too.


  1. Great sketches Mickey :))

  2. Great Sketches, I'm seeing them in Camden and I Can't wait.

    1. it's a great show.. the GA floor standing room isn't that bad and you can make your way to the stage.