Friday, April 10, 2015

Billy Joel Concert Sketchbook April 3, 2015 Madison Square Garden

Here it is... drawings done on the spot during the concert from Section 113 row 9. Great show, but then again I can't think of one bad Billy Joel song. The set list is posted somewhere on endless internet fan sites. He sang one of my favorites: Zanzibar. 

I sold Billy several paintings years ago. Last I heard... he still has them. Whenever I bumped into him the Hamptons he was always gracious and kind but when I asked him if I could sit in on a rehearsal for an upcoming concert he politely told me, "No." He said it would have been like having someone sit and watch me draw. LOL. I laughed and said I understood. It's only taken me 20 years to get to a show and do these drawings from a great vantage point. I'll be going back on July 1st and I will add to the video version of this.

Betty, my mother, taught me a lot about music. I certainly can't sing but she instilled in me a love of a well crafted song and that, Billy, she said, was one of the best. He certainly has written a ton of them. This show could have been 6 hours and he wouldn't have scratched the surface of everything he has written.

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