Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Life in Lamont, Strawberry Point, and Arlington, Iowa: Fall 2015

Life in Iowa is much different than life here in the Hamptons. Small towns fifty miles apart, miles and miles of corn and soy beans, open skies, and absolutely no traffic.
There is a drawing here of Rick from Down Home Country Cooking that served us breakfast everyday we were in Strawberry Point. Best Pie in town, too.
Go Hawkeyes! Next time we'll take in a football game.

The Lamont water tower.

Back Home Country Cooking breakfast.

Here's Rick.
Breakfast is ready!

We saw a few Carson posters. Everyone talked about Trump, but we didn't see posters.
Lamont Corn harvest 2015

Harvest Fall 2015

Old Barn on 30th Street, Lamont

Closed Gas Station Lamont.

Up along the Mississippi
Pie time.

We like cows.

It's flat.

We ate pork chops.

It rained one night… a big storm.

Along E street, Lamont Iowa.

The original family barn.
The ground after a harvest of soybeans.

Fun times at Breakfast in Strawberry Point.
Arlington, a very small town. I was surprised by the No Parking sign since there really wasn't anyone to park there anyway.


  1. Replies
    1. Drawing obviously…what a silly question.

  2. These are very nice, Michael. If I may ask, what size are they and what kind of sketchbook do you like to take out on the road?

    1. it's a Strathmore all purpose sketchbook. I actually picked it up in Michael's… eek. It takes a beating with all sorts of paint. I think it's 8 1/2 x 11. I use all sorts of sizes.. depends on the mood. I like to draw also on watercolor paper.

    2. I will note that some of these drawings were done on paper and not in the actual sketchbook..i use what ever I have.