Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Green Monkeys Comic Strip, December 26, 2013 on

The Green Monkeys Comic Strip, December 26, 2013 on

It's another day for the monkeys. Happy Boxing Day. Looking forward to more and more Monkeys in 2014. The Green Monkeys started sometime in the mid 90s as two characters from a movie my mother and I pitched to Fox Feature Animation. In the story there were these two monkey bell hops named Spider and Flytrap.

Through a long series of development issues (and it is a long story) Betty and I decided to take these two characters out of the movie and move them into their own television series. Everyone loves monkeys.

The Green Monkeys was picked up by Disney Television Animation (another long story)... eventually we decided to write them up as a weekly comic strip for Dan's Papers in the Hamptons. The Green Monkeys has run in Dan's since 1999. My mother passed away in 2010 and I've continued the comic to this day on my own. We never really figured out who wrote what with this comic. Sometimes Betty wrote several weeks in a row and then left it to me to fill out a few weeks.

 It was a challenge to just do the weeklies and keep it fresh and funny. It certainly has changed over the years. The additions of Baby and Lili this year have added a different dimension to the story.

The Daily Green Monkeys started at It's been on and off over time due to other work and children's book and animation development on several projects.

So for now I'm still doing the daily strip and will attempt to keep it going throughout 2014.
The Green Monkeys

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